How Do I Use Scheduled Arming?

Your Blink system can automatically Arm and Disarm on a set schedule.

To get started, open up the Blink app and tap the settings gear icon in the bottom right of the home screen and select Device and System Settings.

settings icon in the bottom right of the home screen

Then select the system you want to schedule under Systems at the top of the screen. 

select the system you want to schedule

To ensure that your system arms and disarms at the correct times, make certain your timezone is set correctly. Next tap on Scheduling.

tap on Scheduling

On this page, you’ll see your Weekly Schedule. To create your schedule, tap the + symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the app. This will be done in two steps, the first to set when you want your system to arm and the second to set when you want your system to disarm.

tap the + symbol

By default, the toggle on the left will be set to Arm and the toggle on the right will be set to AM. You can drag the clock’s hand to your desired time. This will change the time in 15 minute increments. Make sure to select your desired days of the week along the bottom of the app for when you want your system to arm. Once you have the days and time set for your Scheduled Arm set, tap Save in the upper right-hand corner.

Once Scheduled Arm is set tap Save

You will be brought back to your Weekly Schedule view. The whole week will be filled in blue because we haven’t yet set our disarm times. Tap the + symbol again to set when you would like your system to disarm.

Tap the + symbol again to set disarm

We’re now going to do the same thing that we did before, but we will tap the toggle on the left to set it to Disarm. Drag the clock’s hand to your desired disarm time and select the days of week again. Once you have your disarm schedule set to your desired time, tap the Save button again.

desired disarm time

Your schedule is now set!

schedule is set

You can modify saved schedules by tapping on the arm and disarm toggles and setting new days or times.

If you want to temporarily disable your schedule (like if you’re going on vacation), you’ll now see a toggle on Scheduling in the system menu. If you tap that, you can disable your schedule.

you can disable your schedule

To delete your schedule, go back into your schedule view. There will be a trashcan icon on the top of the screen. Tap that.

delete your schedule

Once you've tapped that, you'll be asked to confirm that you wish to delete your schedule.

confirm delete

Note: Scheduled arming and disarming of your system will override any manually set or IFTTT or Alexa triggered arm and disarm settings. 

In order to record motion events, you must have motion detection enabled for a specific device by tapping on the Running Man icon from the home screen or enabling motion detection in the device's setting screen. Click here to learn more about arming your device for motion detection by using the Running Man icon.

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