Blink Mini Camera Offline

If you receive a "Camera Offline" notification that "Your Blink Mini is offline", it means the Blink servers lost communication with the camera. This will normally fix itself when the network comes back up, or when there is less traffic on the Wi-Fi network. When your camera comes back online, the message will disappear.

Most often, disconnected or slow internet makes the Mini camera lose contact. Most internet providers provide downloads to your location much faster than uploads from your location. If there is a sudden jump in the data being used, the Mini camera may miss a check-in and the offline message may appear.

If your camera keeps disconnecting even when power and Wi-Fi internet are steady, please contact Blink support.

Troubleshoot Mini camera offline message

Check Power
The Blink Mini compact camera is powered by direct connection to a USB standard power adapter instead of batteries. To function, the power cord must be reliably connected to a 5 volt 1 Amp power source, and the molded micro-USB connector must be fully inserted into the camera.

Check Internet
To send you images and sounds, the Mini camera needs a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi internet connection with upload speeds (going out from your network) at least two megabits per second (2 Mb/sec) at all times, including when others are on the same internet connection.

The alert shown in the Blink app provides helpful tips. The first, is to check the Wi-Fi internet and the power supply, then check the camera power connection.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

  1. Check Wi-Fi. Ensure that you can connect to the internet, and that the password has not been changed. If the password has been changed, refer to the next step.
    Rebooting the Wi-Fi router is often very effective to resolve Blink connectivity issues.
    If you have rebooted your router and Blink does not connect after 3 minutes, continue.
  2. Check your password. If the password is changed, or if you wish to use a different Wi-Fi network, tap the Change Wi-Fi button:     Change Wi-Fi     and follow the instructions.
    If the password or network have not changed, continue.
  3. To repeat the camera installation process, tap the Delete Camera button:    Delete Camera   and follow the instructions.

Connectivity: detailed troubleshooting

Steps to troubleshoot connectivity

1. Check your internet

  • Restarting (reboot) the Wi-Fi router can resolve most connectivity issues.
  • Check that your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network is functioning normally and that the internet is available.
  • Check that the Wi-Fi network speed is not being reduced by streaming movies and games, or other high bandwidth activities. Two Megabit per second (2 Mb/sec) upload speed (going from your location) must be available to the Blink system at all times.
  • If your Wi-Fi password or network has changed, the Blink system will not function correctly until you update the settings. We have instructions for setting Wi-Fi information. For Mini, go here. For Sync Module systems, go here.

2. Check that the outlet provides power

  • To confirm that power is present to the wall outlet, you can try plugging in a different device or appliance.
  • Some outlets are controlled by a wall switch, check to see if this applies to your outlet.
  • If the wall outlet is not providing power, you can try a different outlet.
  • It is also possible that a circuit breaker has tripped, so you may want to check your electrical distribution panel.

3. Check that the wall charger provides power

  • If your outlet has power and the camera is not getting power, try to use a different wall charger.
  • Any standard 5 volt USB wall charger should work. 5 volt USB phone chargers are commonly available.

4. Check the cable

  • It is possible that the USB cable became damaged from being bumped into. The damage may not be visible from outside.
  • You can try the camera's power cable with another device to see if power is present.
  • You can try to use another USB Type A male, to micro-usb Type B male, cable. These are commonly used for charging phones and other devices.


If these steps do not reconnect your camera, please contact Blink support.

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