App Settings

This article describes the different settings available in the Blink app.

Home screen

Above the bottom navigation bar, you'll find the button to disarm or arm your Blink system. On the bottom navigation bar itself, you'll see three essential icons:

Home: Tap to return to the Home screen where you'll see a thumbnail view of all the cameras linked to your Blink Account.

Clips: Tap to access the Clip List, a collection of all the motion recording clips and live views you've captured.

Settings: Tap to access the Settings screen, where you can manage details related to your Blink account, Subscription Plan, and App settings.

App Settings

To display all app settings, tap Settings  on the bottom navigation bar. From the Settings screen, you have access to:

  • Account and Privacy
  • Blink Plans
  • Device and System Settings
  • Notifications
  • What's New
  • Help

Please expand each category below to find a detailed view of each setting.

 Account and Privacy


Account Management

This is the email account used when creating your account. You can change your email by tapping on this item and following the prompts. Learn more about how to update your email address.

Use this option to change your account password. Learn more about how to change your password.

Require Face ID
This feature helps to keep unrecognized people from accessing your camera systems. Learn more about biometric unlock. 

Phone Number
This displays the phone number associated with your account for verification. This field is editable. Learn more about how to change your phone number.

This option helps us personalize your experience when you select the country you live in, by ensuring you receive the right messages based on your location.

Delete Account
Tap this button to delete your account. If you delete your Blink account, you lose access to clips that are stored on our systems, as well as access to any Blink devices through the Blink app. Learn more about how to delete your account.

Amazon Account Linking
Use this option before you purchase a subscription plan, in order to link your Blink and Amazon accounts. Once linked, it will display as Amazon Account Linked. Learn more about linking your Blink and Amazon accounts.

Manage Mobile Devices
To ensure only allowed people can access a Blink account, the account owner can view and control all additional devices that access their account within the Blink app. Learn more about managing mobile devices.

Use this option to open your Alexa app to enable voice alerts and voice control for your devices. Learn more about Alexa.


General Privacy
Tap this option to learn about Blink privacy and security policies.

Contact Preferences
Enable this toggle to be notified about new features, product launches, and exclusive offers. Disabling this toggle will opt you out of receiving Blink marketing push notifications. You will continue to receive in-app notifications as normal.

Grant Customer Support Access
Enable this toggle to give the support team access to your account for up to 14 days. Learn more about granting access to your Blink account.

Enable Crash Reporting
If the Blink app suddenly stops working, use this toggle to control the sending of crash reports. Learn more about crash reporting opt out.


Software Security Updates
Tap this option to learn about how Blink provides software security updates for your devices.

Neighbors App
The Ring neighbors program and mobile app are available to customers. You can access the app and more information from

Sign Out
Use this option to sign out of your Blink account.


 Blink Plans

View and manage your Blink plans here.

Trial Information
If you are within a Blink subscription trial period, you will see the trial end date and an option to cancel your trial. Learn more about Blink subscription plans.

Learn about Blink Plans
Select this to view a comparison of Blink subscription plans.

Link to Amazon Account
Use this option before purchasing a subscription plan, to link your Blink and Amazon accounts. This option is only visible for unlinked accounts. 

Note: You must subscribe to one of our plans or be on a trial in order to view the Blink Plans option under your app settings.


 Device and System Settings

Create schedule, organize camera displays and other system settings.

Displays all systems in your account. Tap a system to display the System Settings screen. 

Here you can:

  • Rename your system
  • Sort the display order of your cameras on the home screen
  • Set scheduling and time zone
  • Access your Sync Module settings and enable Save all Live Views
  • Delete your system

Temperature Units
Select this option to set your temperature units to display as either Fahrenheit or Celsius, which appears in your Device Settings. Note: The Blink Mini Camera and Blink Video Doorbell do not have temperature sensors; therefore, you will not see this option in their Settings.



Customize notification preferences.

The Blink app provides notifications to alert you about events that occur in your account and systems.

Events are:

  • Doorbell Press
  • Motion Clip
  • Scheduled Arm/Disarm
  • Camera Temperature

Alerts are:

  • Low Battery
  • High Camera Usage
  • Camera Offline
  • System Offline

 What's New

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