New App Layout

We are happy to introduce a new layout for the Blink app! Make sure that you have auto updates enabled on your device to receive app updates as soon as they are released so you don’t miss out.

All of the features that you are familiar with are still there. The only difference is in how to access some of them. This article will give you a brief tour of the new layout to ensure that you can get familiarized with the new design.

Once installed and you have signed into your account, you’ll see the biggest change to the app on the home page.

If you have multiple systems on your account, you will see them listed at the top of the screen. You can tap or swipe between them now to quickly access all of your systems.

To the right of your system names is a +. Whether you are adding a new system, or an add-on camera to your account, tap the + to get started.

At the bottom of the screen are dedicated navigation buttons:

Pressing this will bring you back to the home screen where your cameras are accessible.

Pressing this will bring you to the Clip Roll where all of your Live View recordings and Motion Clips are saved.

Pressing this will bring you to the System Settings. The icon next to the camera names will bring you to that specific camera’s settings.

Pressing this will allow you to download the Neighbors app offered by Ring.

The second biggest change you’ll see is the System Settings page.

Here you will find your account/app settings at the top of the page. Any systems that you have on this account are shown at the bottom of the page. Selecting any of your existing systems will bring you to a page where you can manage that specific system.

  1. Tap on the system name to rename it.

  2. All Devices will let you sort the position of your cameras in the app.

  3. Scheduling will allow you to manage or create an arming schedule for your system.

  4. Choose the correct Time Zone to ensure that your Scheduled Arming triggers at the correct times.

  5. The Sync Module icon will provide you the current health of your system. Tapping on that will give you troubleshooting steps and allow you to change WiFi networks.

  6. For systems that have XT2, you will have the option to save all Live Views instead of being asked each time.

  7. The Delete System button should not be used unless you accidentally created a new system or if you are gifting/selling your system.

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