Blink Mini Reset Button

mini reset button

The Blink Mini has a reset button on the bottom side of the camera, which may be necessary to use when you add it to a new or existing Blink system. In a case when you move the Mini to a new location or Wi-Fi network, you may also need to use the reset button. Additionally, a red light on the Mini indicates that the camera is not connected to the internet, which will require a reset to connect it to your WiFi network.

Helpful Tip: Make certain to perform a reset before and while the Mini is plugged in for best results. We also recommend inserting either a paperclip or small screwdriver (not safety pins or thumbtacks) to reset the camera.

When a Mini displays a solid red light, a long press of the reset button (more than 5 seconds) will reset it and resolve setup issues. Both red and blue lights will flash rapidly shortly before the button is released. The blue light will then slowly blink, which indicates the camera is ready to be added to a system.

Although resetting the Mini will resolve various issues during the initial camera setup, or when making network changes, this action will NOT perform the following:

  • Reset camera settings to defaults
  • Remove the thumbnail image
  • Delete the camera from a system or account

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