How to set Activity Zones

Use this article to understand how to set and reset Activity Zones in the Blink app.

Activity Zones let you mask off certain regions to selectively prevent motion alerts. This can help with excessive motion clips or false alerts. For example, if you are using your cameras outside and you have a tree or bush that is triggering unwanted motion clips, adjusting your Activity Zones can prevent this.

Privacy Zones

If you want to completely block off an area from being recorded by cameras, you'll want to add a Privacy Zone instead. Learn about on-camera Privacy Zones available on the Indoor and Outdoor (3rd Gen) cameras.

Creating an Activity Zone

1. To use Activity Zones, tap Camera Settings  above the the camera you want to change.

settings for camera

2. From Camera Settings, select Motion Settings and then tap Motion Zones.

Activity Zones

3. On the Activity Zones screen, the most recent thumbnail is shown with a grid pattern.
Tap Update Photo to refresh the thumbnail image so your settings are accurate.

Activity Zones config

4. Select your desired inactive Activity Zones by tapping on the rectangle you would like to isolate. A selected area will become grayed out. The area within the gray square will not detect motion, even if motion occurs. 

In the example below, bushes and plants are chosen as inactive Activity Zones since these outdoor elements may cause unnecessary motion events.

tap the squares that you DON'T want to record motion clips

Optional: Basic and Advanced options are included for Wired Floodlight, Indoor and Outdoor (3rd Gen), and XT2 cameras.

Activity Zones settings

Advanced mode allows you to zoom into the thumbnail for more precise zone selection. Swipe to move the view and tap to select areas that are active or inactive for motion detection. When you're done, tap Save.

Advanced mode

5. After you've selected your desired inactive Activity Zones, tap Done. To make all zones active and restart the process, tap Reset Zones.

click done button to complete settings

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