Doorbell Video Recording Setting

By default, the Video Recording setting is On for the Video Doorbell. This articles describes how to use this setting with your doorbell.

When using a storage option, your doorbell saves motion events and doorbell presses as motion clips. Options include cloud-based storage or local storage with a Sync Module. Learn more about Blink storage options for motion clips.

Limiting Motion Clip recordings

You can decrease the amount of motion clip recording by adjusting your doorbell's settings. By turning off Motion Detection for your doorbell, and leaving Video Recording on, the number of motion event recordings are limited to doorbell presses only.

Note: The Video Recording setting does not control motion or doorbell press notifications on your mobile device. You will always receive notifications according the preferences you set in the Blink app. Learn more about Notification Options.

Turning the Video Recording setting Off or On

If you do not want your doorbell to record motion clips for doorbell presses or motion events, turn the Video Recording setting Off. Follow these steps to turn the setting off or on.

  1. On your doorbell's thumbnail, tap More  and select Device Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy Settings.
  3. Tap the Video Recording toggle to switch your doorbell's ability to record video On or Off.

Using the Video Recording setting

  • If Motion Detection and Video Recording are On, the doorbell records motion events and doorbell presses, and you receive motion notifications.
  • If Motion Detection is Off and Video Recording is On, the doorbell records motion events and sends motion notifications for doorbell presses only.
  • If Motion Detection is On and Video Recording is Off, the doorbell sends motion notifications* for motion events and doorbell presses. No video is recorded. Live View and Live View recording is still available.

*Your clip list will display this as a "non-media event" (a motion event that does not include video or images).

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