Doorbell Video Recording setting

The Video Recording setting is On by default, to save video from motion detection events or doorbell button presses. To reduce the number of videos you get, or to save batteries, you can turn this setting Off.

What each setting means

Video Recording set to On (default)
A motion alert or doorbell button press saves a clip to your storage option and you receive a notification. The clip appears in the Clip List.

Learn more about viewing motion clips in the Blink app.

Video Recording set to Off 
A motion alert or doorbell button press only sends a notification to your device. Your clip list shows a "non media event" (an event that does not include video or images).

The Video Recording setting does not change motion alert or button press notifications on your mobile device. You will always receive notifications according to your preferences on the Notifications screen. Learn more about the Blink app Notification Options.

Change the setting

To reach the Doorbell Settings screen in the Blink app

  1. On your camera's thumbnail, tap More  and select Device Settings .
  2. Tap Privacy Settings.
  3. Tap the toggle next to Video Recording to switch your camera's ability to record video on or off.

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