Biometric Unlock troubleshooting

Biometric Unlock enables opening of the Blink app using the biometric features of your mobile device. Biometric authentication uses face, voice, or thumbprint to unlock your mobile device. 

When Biometric Unlock is active, your device disables the screenshot function. If your device running the Blink app does not have a biometric feature, enabling Biometric Unlock has no result.

Learn how to enable Biometric Unlock here. Keep in mind that every time you log out of your Blink account, Biometric Unlock (Android) or Require Face ID (iOS) is turned off. You must enable Biometric Unlock each time you log in.

How do I turn the  Biometric Unlock (Android) or Require Face ID (iOS) on?

  1. From the Blink app Home screen, tap the gear icon to visit the Settings screen and select Account and Privacy > Account Management.
  2. Tap the Biometric Unlock (Android) or Require Face ID (iOS) toggle to the on position as shown below. Note: the toggle may also be named Touch ID depending on your device, and if you're using a passcode you will need to enter it.

My device is failing to authenticate

Biometric authentication is handled by your mobile device, not by the Blink app. While the authentication prompt is being shown, the Blink app is not in use.

Common resolutions:

  1. Face Recognition on Android - Often times out after 5 seconds. Be prepared to authenticate before selecting Try Again.
  2. Touch ID on iOS - The Home button does not need to be pressed, but rather  touched enough for a fingerprint to be registered. If the home button is pressed for too long, the app closes, requiring another authentication.
  3. Tap Try Again to ensure your biometric recognition has reset and is active.
  4. Use the Sign out option to re-enter your username and password and sign in again.

When onboarding a device, I exited the app to set up the network, and was prompted to re-authenticate when re-opening the app. Is this normal?

Yes. The Blink app cannot recognize authentication across other applications. To protect your account, Biometric Unlock re-authenticates every time the app is opened.

iOS Questions:

What should the app preview be when the app is in the background?

The app preview should be a blue-tinted blur. If the app is running in the foreground, and the App Switcher is opened, then the blink app's preview should be the most-recent screen.

Android Questions:

There is no device PIN fallback

Yes, that is as-designed. The regular sign-in process is still available if Biometric Unlock does not work as expected.

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