Doorbell Offline error message

Use this article to troubleshoot when you see a Doorbell Offline message in the Blink app.

Step 1: Check if your Wi-Fi is working because the Video Doorbell requires Wi-Fi to communicate. 

If you have verified your local Wi-Fi network is working, try the following:

  • Reset your router. If your Wi-Fi network is slow or stops intermittently, it can help to reset your Wi-Fi router. 
  • Check your system requirements. 
  • Check the batteries. In Event Response mode, the batteries may deplete faster than when the doorbell is connected to powered wiring, or on a system with a Sync Module. Perform a power reset of the doorbell by removing the batteries for 5 seconds and then re-insert them. Wait for another 30 seconds to see if the doorbell connects..  

If none of these tips resolve your issue, use the following steps for additional troubleshooting information. 

Troubleshooting Doorbell Offline

Tap the Doorbell Offline message and you will be given two options: Change Wi-Fi or Delete Doorbell. Use the sections below for guidance on how to to follow through with these steps.

Note: If your doorbell is currently mounted, you must remove it from its mounting plate for both of these options.

Change Wi-Fi

Change Wi-Fi of a Blink Video Doorbell

To connect your Blink Video Doorbell to a new Wi-Fi network, or reconnect to your existing network, you need the doorbell and the Blink app.

If you are seeing a "Doorbell Offline" message, tap the banner and you will be guided to change the Wi-Fi network.


Electric Shock Risk: If your doorbell is connected to powered wiring, there is a risk of electric shock when the doorbell is removed form its back plate. Live wires can cause injury if you connect them together by touching with skin, or a conductive object like a steel screwdriver.

To change doorbell Wi-Fi

  1. Tap the doorbell's Device Settings blink app settings screen on the home screen and then select General Settings.
  2. Tap Change Wi-Fi at the bottom of the screen then complete the steps.
    change wifi setting
  3. For safety, if you have connected powered wiring to your doorbell, you should turn off all power to the circuit. Tap Continue after you turn off power to the chime, or if you did not connect powered wiring.
  4. Remove the doorbell from its mounting plate with the opening key.
  5. When the doorbell is removed, tap Continue, and the next screen shows where to find the Reset button.
  6. Press the reset button for your doorbell. There are two locations for the reset button, depending on your model:

    On the back, batteries are open to view. On the back, there is a battery cover.
    Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then turn the doorbell over to view the front face and wait for the red LED to flash at the top of the ring surrounding the button. Hold the reset button until green and blue LEDs light up followed by flashing red, at the top of the ring surround.
  7. When the flashing LED pattern is correct, tap the Discover Device button.

Not blinking red?

If the red LED is not flashing after 30 seconds, tap the Not Blinking Red? 

  1. Remove the batteries for ten seconds, replace them, wait for the red LED. (The red LED does not flash if the doorbell is already installed.)
  2. Make sure the batteries are fresh.
  3. Press and hold the reset button until the LED flashes red.
  4. Tap Contact Customer Support if your doorbell still does not display the flashing red light after following the instructions above.

  1. You are shown an alert inviting you to connect to a "BLINK-xxxx" network created by the doorbell. Tap Join.

  2. Connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi. Choose your network name among the list of discovered 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

    Note: If you do not see your Wi-Fi network, tap Refresh List.

  3. Tap the password entry area to open the keyboard. Type your network password and tap Continue.

  4. The doorbell connects to the Blink servers and may have to update the system. If you see an "Updating firmware..." message, let it run to completion.


  5. When the Wi-Fi network update is complete, you are shown a screen with a green checkmark and a confirmation message. Tap Continue.

  6. Connect the doorbell to its mounting plate, and tap Done to return to the Home screen.


Delete Doorbell

Delete Doorbell option

Tap Delete Doorbell. A confirmation message appears. Tap DELETE to remove the doorbell. Once you have done this, you will receive an email the device was deleted from your account.

After your doorbell is removed from your account, re-add it back to the account. Learn more about setting up your Blink Video Doorbell‍.


Other Troubleshooting steps

Use these steps if you're having difficulty getting your Video Doorbell online. If these steps do not get your doorbell connect to the Blink servers, contact Customer Support.

What is the BLINK Wi-Fi network?

When adding a Sync Module, Mini, Video Doorbell, or Wired Floodlight Camera, you will be prompted to connect your Blink app to the local Wi-Fi network. It is named “BLINK-" followed by the last four digits of the device's serial number. 

The Sync Module manages communications between your Blink devices and our secure servers; therefore your camera needs to connect to its local Wi-Fi. The Blink Mini, Video Doorbell, and Wired Floodlight do not require Sync Modules for those communications, which is why they broadcast their own local Wi-Fi connections.

Sync Module Example

Mini Example

Doorbell Example

It is completely safe to connect your mobile device to your local "BLINK-XXXX" Wi-Fi connection and there are no security issues. If you encounter any problems connecting to your local Blink Wi-Fi, make sure you have the Blink app Local Network (iOS) or Location (Android) permissions enabled on your mobile device. See the links below for more information.


Learn more about enabling Local Network for your Blink app on your iOS device.


Learn more about changing the Blink app permissions on your Android device.

What if my doorbell connects to a Sync Module?

When your doorbell is connected to a system managed by a Sync Module and it stops being detected, you receive a notification in the app and an email (if you have email notifications selected).


  1. Use the included key to unlock the doorbell from its mount.
  2. Do a power reset of the doorbell by removing the batteries for 5 seconds and then re-inserting them. Wait for another 30 seconds, then you can test the doorbell to see if it is connected.       
  3. Move the Sync Module closer to the doorbell. It is possible that the network is not able to communicate fully.
  4. Replace the batteries with two new, AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.
    Increased use, and extended Live View sessions may use batteries faster than expected. 

What if my doorbell connects to wiring only?

When we detect that the doorbell is no longer online, you receive a message in the app and by email, that reads: "The connection to your doorbell camera seems to have been dropped. Please check that your Wi-Fi internet and power supply are working to your Blink Doorbell."


  1. Check that your doorbell is attached to the wall plate and that the main circuit breaker is turned back on.
  2. Sometimes home wiring may be old or not working. This device does not work with broken or low powered wiring and you may need to seek advice from a professional about the wiring in your home. 
  3. Try replacing the batteries. Even if the Video Doorbell is connected to wires, batteries are required to be installed at all times. Replace the existing batteries with two new, AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. 
    • Adding the doorbell to a Sync Module system increases average battery life to 2 years.

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