Doorbell Error Messages

Learn how to get your doorbell back online or connected to Wi-Fi.

Remove or replace batteries

If the doorbell falls offline or it can't connect during setup, try these steps.

  • Remove the batteries from the doorbell for 5 seconds and then re-insert them. 
  • If the red LED flashes, press the Reset button on the back of the doorbell for five seconds. Your doorbell is now ready to be added to your Blink account.
  • If no red LED flashes, try new batteries. Replace the batteries with two new, AA 1.5-volt lithium non-rechargeable batteries. If no red LED flashes, please contact Customer Support.

Reboot your router and check your Wi-Fi password

If the doorbell can't connect to your Wi-Fi network, try these steps:

  • Reboot your Wi-Fi router - Unplug your Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Restarting your router can help when your Wi-Fi is slow or stops intermittently.
  • Check your Password - Ensure you have entered your Wi-Fi password correctly. Tap the eye icon in the password field to see the password you enter. To learn more, visit My Wi-Fi password doesn't work.
  • Check the connection between your Wi-Fi router and your doorbell - If your internet speeds are good, you may still have an issue with the strength of the signal between your router and the doorbell. To verify signal strength:
    • Tap the More iconsettings icon at the bottom right of the doorbell's thumbnail image and select Device Settings
    • Tap General Settings.
    • Locate Network and confirm the Connection to Wi-Fiis sufficient.
  • If these steps don't work try disabling your VPN on your mobile or uninstall any apps that may conflict with the Blink app.  Learn more about conflicting apps.

Learn more about Blink Wi-Fi Network Requirements.

You may receive an in-app message alerting you to poor connectivity to Blink servers. Be sure your internet connection is working and that it can provide a minimum of 2Mbps of upload speed. 

Sync Module placement

If your doorbell is connected to a Sync Module, consider moving the Sync Module to provide better signal strength between the Wi-Fi router and the doorbell. To check your Sync Module signal strength, follow these steps.

  1. Tap Device Settings > General Settings.
  2. Under Network, the signal strength of the Sync Module to the doorbell is displayed.
  3. If your signal strength is two bars or less, you may need to bring the Sync Module closer to the doorbell.

For more information, visit the "Where to Place your Sync Module" section of Understanding Blink Wi-Fi Requirements.

Delete your Doorbell

If you've attempted the troubleshooting steps listed above but are still experiencing issues, try deleting and re-adding the doorbell to your Blink system.

  1. Tap the More iconsettings icon at the bottom the doorbell's thumbnail image and select Device Settings.
  2. Tap General Settings
  3. Tap Delete Device.
  4. When the confirmation message displays, tap DELETE to remove the doorbell. 
  5. After you tap DELETE, you will receive an email confirming the doorbell has been deleted from your account.

Once your doorbell is removed from your account, you can re-add it back to your Blink account. Learn more about setting up your Video Doorbell‍.

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